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No. 30 Links

Open Big-League Chew.   “The Battered Bastards of Baseball” on Netflix:   HURT 100 Congrats! Book of HURT:   Hawaii Ultra Rundown…
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No. 29 Links

Go Big Hawaii Ultra Rundown   Thanks Oahu Got to do some tough hikes on Koko Crater Lookout:  and Wiliwilinui…
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What Listeners are Saying…

“If I had to describe this podcast in one word, it would be… well, I can’t. It’s indescribable. Mainly because I fell asleep halfway through every episode.”
Sarah K.
“I listen to this podcast while I work out. It’s amazing how fast I can run when I’m trying to get away from something.”
Kai M.
“I tune in every week just to see if it’s gotten any better. Spoiler alert: It hasn’t. But hope springs eternal!”
Alex R.
“Listening to this podcast is like being on a rollercoaster that only goes downhill. It’s a ride, for sure.”
Caprice M.

Not bragging… 😂


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